Otaat creates minimalist accessories for everyday luxury. With a fundamental belief in simplicity - as a lifestyle and as a creative driver - Otaat approaches each project with the intention of paring down excess and letting the essentials become statements of beauty and utility. With this practice, Otaat pieces become timeless companions for life adventures.

Established in Los Angeles in 2010, Otaat began as Albert Chu's project to produce limited edition objects that combine an architectural and conceptual process with a rigor towards master construction. These objects result from two questions we constantly ask:

What if? Why not?

With these underlying hypotheticals, each piece results from a wide conceptual conceit that undergoes an iterative prototyping process, where proportions, use, and construction are refined to produce masterfully crafted accessories.

All Otaat pieces are handmade in Los Angeles.



Born into an academic family, Albert grew up surrounded by analytical minds and creative conversation. With exposures to technical and complex topics, Albert developed an early interest in defining and redefining existing questions and distilling complexity into beautifully simply solutions - all while incorporating elements of humor to everything. 

Albert received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis in Structural Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley; and his Master in Architecture degree from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. He worked with architects Johnston Marklee (Los Angeles), Tiantian Xu (Beijing), and Ateliers Jean Nouvel (Paris) prior to Otaat.